Monday, December 25, 2006


"Y A K U B"

In the year of 6,400, Abraham came to the Holy Black People, which includes the Brown, Red and Yellow, to warn them about the unrest that was among them. His coming was predicted by our Brother Scientists, commonly known as the twenty-four elders (spoken about in Rev. 4:4) in the year one of this 25,000 year cycle. His (Abraham's) job was to do as all the prophets of Allah; warn his people of their evils and disobedience to the Will of Almighty God Allah, thereby separating those who would heed his teachings, FROM THOSE WHO WERE DISSATISFIED. Among these dissatisfactions were the speaking of tongues and not being satisfied being other than Black "which is not a color", but the substance from whence all colors come, such as brown, red and yellow.

Brothers, please remember that everything that goes around comes around.
About 8,400 years ago it was our people speaking tongues, today it has come back around to the people who's beginning started it; today we see our arch-enemies, the catholics, arguing among themselves about the speaking of tongues, saying it will cause chaos among the believers -- (Parable).
We spoke Arabic, we were given the proper dialect to use, yet we wanted to change it or as was said, we wanted to improve it, or make it more easier to understand, or more suitable to each family plus Brown, Red and Yellow. This, however, was wrong for we see what happened in order to straighten out the wrong; (a grafting out of it).

Brother, in our days, about 8,400 years ago in order to put an end to the dissatisfaction, Allah allowed Yakub to graft the devil (white man). So we can say, the speaking of tongues, in our days, repercussions was the having a people rule over us, who is not a people of Allah. Now, today, the devils speaking of tongues is going to cause all kinds of chaos among his followers, thereby revealing to us that they and their religion is Hot. The religion of Allah and the prophets which is going to cause all of our people Black Brothers and Sisters, who have eyes to see and ears to hear to flee unto their own kind, who will be under the banner of Islam, which in turn will destroy Christianity or "the speaking of tongues".

Brother, do bear in mind that we are the seeds of Abraham, by this, I mean some of the same things Abraham was teaching; we, the followers of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad are doing today, which is, trying to remain ourselves -- "STAY BLACK"!, by separating ourselves from those of our pigmentation who are integration-conscious and not satisfied being the "Original People".
Abraham told our Holy Black Brothers and Sisters that if they did not stop their rebellious ways and take heed to his teachings, which was entire submission to the Will of Allah (God), that in the year 8,400, as was predicted, a child by the name of "Yakub", commonly known as "Jacob" in the Bible, would be born and that he would make a people who would rule over them, a people who would deal with them cruelly, a people who would show no mercy, but would show or cause malignity among them. This, up unto this day, we can see these Yakub's grafted devils are masters at causing malice or malign, speaking evil of or causing us to speak evil of each other. So in the year 8,400, Yakub was born, and at the age of six while playing in his uncle's back yard with two pieces of magnet, he found that the unalike attracted the alike; broke down: un-alike=(white); alike=(like Allah, original) and that alike repels. [unalike attracts - alike repels] Do not the Black fight against Black, while being attracted by the devil, wanting to be with him?
When we, the Muslims, live upright according to the teachings of the Lamb, are we not un-alike our brothers who are not living the teachings? Does not our brothers who have eyes to see and care enough for themselves and Allah become attracted by our unalikeness of them who remain among those who take part in the ways of the devil who is unalike the both of us?
You have noticed statements saying Yakub was playing in his uncle's backyard, well, he also called his uncle "father"; this is because his father died before he was old enough to know him. So through playing with these magnets, Yakub found what his mission or purpose in life would be. So he told his uncle, saying, "Father, I know that which you know not." His uncle replied, "Yakub!, what is it that you know, that I know not?" Yakub's reply was, "I am going to make a man when I grow of age", meaning when he finishes the study of genetics. His uncle replied, "Yakub, do you not know that if you make a man other than the original man who is already here on the Planet Earth, you will be making the devil himself?" Yakub replied, "Nevertheless, I know that which you know not." From Yakub's continuously saying he knew what his uncle knew not gives one the impression that Yakub's uncle did not know his mission or purpose for being on the planet earth. And speaking of today, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if some devil didn't tell another, that if they set up a birth control system in Liberia, they would make a people other than we originally was, of course it wasn't said for righteousness sake, but for fear we wouldn't have the strength needed to do the hard labor. So, brother Yakub became of age 12, in other words, came into the knowledge of how he would graft a people, finished all the universities throughout the Holy Land, and began going about converting the dissatisfied Black people to his doctrine which was based on lies and trickery; Genesis 27:35 tells of how he, Yakub, dealt with his said father with subtlety; Genesis 27:36 further shows Yakub taking Esau's birth-right. One phase of this birthright was to rule all over the planet earth, which Yakub's children have done for the last 6,000 years by supplanting. Brother, if we checkYakub's history close enough, we would have to find that he did his job through supplanting. As the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has said, "Our Black Brothers and Sisters who followed Yakub had no idea that he intended to strip them of their dignity, their birth-right, their clothes of knowledge (meaning mind) nor did they have any idea that he, Yakub, would strip them of their clothes for covering their privates or shame.
Brother, if we give Yakub's children's actions of today, some comparative observation with his works, we can find that for everything he and his scientists did back there, is being carried out here today, the only difference is the names have been changed to so-called medical terms or more technical terms, or more scientific terms, which in itself is a form of his teachings of high tricknology of words, etc.
To further show or compare Yakub's children with his works of old, we know he stripped the Holy/Black Sisters and Brothers of their "holy garments" which were long robes covering their entire bodies. We see the Lamb today putting our clothes back on us and our sisters, next we will put our robes back on. You see, Brother, whenever a Sister or Brother has his or her holy garments on, they must use each others true selves in order to entice the other. This Mr. Yakub could not have, for as it was it took him six hundred years to come up with his civilization, so as to entice the Brother and Sister to commit immoral acts which thereby enabled him to get more children. He made them wear cloth that only covered their privates, leaving more than half of their bodies exposed to the naked eye. Remember, this was in essence an experiment Yakub was going through. So today and for the last four-hundred and about ten years, we see Yakub's children have been experimenting with us in an even more subtle way than their father.
A good place to start for reference would be "Liberia". We know that Mr. Yakub set up a rigorous birth control system at the beginning of his civilization, by dividing the brown babies from the black, the brown from the reds, the reds from the yellow. Now bear in mind these are only the major solutions, for there were nine more lighter colors that came after these.
Many places in the bible will show that a people were grafted from another without any uncertainty. For instance, the Acts 17:26, shows Mr. Yakub must have made or grafted his people (white man) from the Black, for Allah Himself created all nations of one blood. Of course, these nations are the Brown, Red and Yellow. The fifth parties are not really a Nation, but a "race", a group of 400,000,000 people-beast racing with time! In the same verse it shows that, as the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has said, these Yakub grafted devils were doomed, or limited from the day they were grafted. The bounds of their habitation on our planet earth was 6,000, and we bear witness he is some 50 years overdue, and only Allah is the best knower! as to how many more days he will be allowed to dwell here in this wilderness (called earth in the bible to throw us off). Verse 42 of the same chapter further proves it was the lighter babies being separated from the dark, in it, it says; "when the cattle were feeble=light (REMEMBER THE LIGHTER THEY GOT, THE FEEBLER IN REALITY THEY WERE), he (Yakub) put them not in (meaning, not among the Dark); the feeble was Labin's, and the stronger Jacob's (Yakub's). this can be easily understood, because Yakub was a jet Black man. Stronger Yakub's; meaning like Yakub. If there be further doubt in our minds to this and we have an understanding of the bible, we can see where it was predicted, that we, the Black people, had two Nations in our sperm (called womb in Genesis 25:23). In the very same verse it also shows that one people shall be stronger of the two, and for that matter, all others. Verse 23 also further shows the elder would serve the young, we bear witness that we are the elder, for it has not been recorded in history our beginning, over here or over there, yet we know that we have served a boy who is the young AND IS ONLY SIX DAYS OLD! Brother, Mr. Yakub also got an idea about making devils by seeing that his parents had produced a light and a dark baby, as shown in Genesis 25:25.
Mr. Yakub lived to be 150 years of age; we would expect the bible to tell exactly, but I think Genesis 5:3 comes close enough, considering whose version it is.
'Yakub Goes Through the Holy Land Teaching'
After going throughout the Holy Land teaching and consorting the dissatisfied of the "Holy people" for so long, the word got around about he and his teachings, somehow he was thrown in jail. Of course, this didn't stop his doctrine from being spread, for his followers carried the word on. Yakub was the god of his people who were longing for a change, they were dissatisfied and diligent to Yakub's teachings, therefore to jail him or them could not and did not stop his ideology. While Mr. Yakub was in jail he continued his teaching, the word got to the captain, who then consulted the Sultan, telling him that there was a man other than the Original Man, who was already on the planet Earth, and that he (Yakub) was causing unrest in the prison (I hope you can see this being said about we the Muslims, too). So the Sultan being a wise man consulted Mr. Yakub. Upon his entry, he asked among the prisoners, "Who is it that is called Yakub?" Yakub was a large Black Brother and very bold, he (Yakub) stepped forward and said, "I am called Yakub", the wise Sultan then said, "As Salaam Alaikum", Mr. Yakub's reply was, "Wa Alaikum Salaam!"
The Sultan proceeded to ask Yakub about his plan of making a people un-alike the Original people, who were already here on the planet earth. Yakub told him, "Yes, I am going to make a people." So the Sultan said, "You realize that we can't have such here in the Holy Land", then Yakub told him if he would give him and his followers land and supplies to last them twenty-years, they would leave. This is shown to us in Genesis 30:26, (Yakub asks for his followers). Genesis 30:28 could be giving us an idea of what the wise Sultan said to Yakub, such as, "How much do you need, etc?" Genesis 30:32 shows Mr. Yakub telling the Sultan he would take away all the dissatisfaction if he (the Sultan) would provide him with the necessary supplies. This or these versions can be gone deeper into, but our aim is only to give you a little insight, the Mosque can show you all things needed. Allah be with us, we, before long, WILL BE ABLE TO EAT FROM THE LAMB'S TABLE WITHOUT INTERFERENCE FROM THE OPPRESSORS OF TRUTH AND RIGHTEOUSNESS!
Brother, notice, just as Mr. Yakub told the wise Sultan of that region, he would relieve him of all his troubles if he would supply him and his followers with LAND, etc., I ask you, is not the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad telling this government to give us land and 20 years supplies and we will leave him, thereby ridding him of the dissatisfaction which is among him (the accursed?) Of course, you realize that we, the followers of the Lamb are the DISSATISFIED!!
The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is many thing in one, to many. It depends on how close we observe him.
Now we know he is not going to do as Yakub, graft a people through supplantation, or cross breeding. We see what Yakub did with his few degrees of knowledge - to do evil. Now, how much more can and will the Lamb do good with Supreme knowledge and wisdom? Brother, we all will think as we will, the profoundness of our thought depends on how we apply or call on our mentality. If we should think deep enough and pure enough, we will find the Lamb, too, is making a people, not through tricks, cross breeding force, but through knowledge of self, God and the devil. What were we before we heard and started living the teachings of the Lamb? Does not even our furthest associates see the change in us, the difference after we accept Almighty Allah through the teachings of the the Lamb? This is the physical change. Now is there any need of our speaking of the mental change? Yakub made a people mentally and physically through birth control, etc. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is making a people mentally and physically through knowledge of self. He, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, has said we need not make any excuses for some of us being spotted up, because we bear witness that we've been like sheep in the midst of sex perverted beasts. So he is teaching us to separate ourselves, and when we are separated mentally and physically, I don't believe we will have to be told how to get all our clothes back on, thereby going all the way back home (Jet black).
A heep see, but only a few realize and will admit that it must be for the best that we all do not have all of our clothes for knowledge and clothes for covering. Tis indeed a pity to see those so (blessed) be so rebellious against their true identity.
'Yakub on the Island of Patmos'
Upon arrival to the Island of Patmos, (Mr. Yakub verifies that he was there in Rev. 1:19) or Pelan, located in the Aegean Sea, he started his government, or staff, headed by a doctor, a priest, a nurse and a cremator (as shown in Exodus 1:15 - the nurse). Exodus 1:9-10 shows Yakub talking to his other staff members; and wonder can we recall when the Pharaoh of this day said the same thing about us, the tribe of Shabazz. Remember "Hitler" Herbert Hoover when he was in office?
The doctor's job was to take blood tests of the people who wanted to be married; if two Black people came to be married, he would pass them without question, but if a Black man and a Sister of light complexion tried to get married, he ( the doctor) would go behind a screen, come back and tell them there were defects in their blood (serpent liar). Now if by chance these couples whom he turned down decided to live together or slip around together, Mr. Yakub, didn't make an issue out of it, he simply had their heads cut off. Today, wonder why before we can get a marriage license (to marry our own queen, incidentally), we must get an approved "blood test"? Believe me, the accursed Shaitan has been a very obedient son to his father Yakub! . . . For he has carried out his works to a tee. Instead of going behind a screen today, the doctor goes into what we call his "laboratory", and after a certain number of different shades has passed, or after a certain quota of the year, he tells some sort of lie to try and hinder a Brother and Sister from so-called legally marrying.
Of course, this has not worked as it did in Yakub's time, for his son is not allowed to such open actions as his father, for he would be warring against his very nature, which is to be a fornicator. After a man or woman commits fornication or adultery for TWO THOUSAND YEARS it is useless to think they would be against such in the latter 4,050 years.
The priest's job was as is today, to marry, counsel, lie, etc., to the couple, and spread Yakub's doctrine. Is not he too trying to follow his father's teachings up to this very day, TRYING TO DECEIVE EVEN THE ELECT - chosen of Allah, going before and behind the Truth Bearer trying to change the truth to a lie? All praise is due to Allah, for this only works among the weak of us, who then is not worthy of Allah's truth.
Yakub told the nurse that she was to stick a sharp instrument in the mold, which is the tender part of all the Dark Black baby boys heads. She was to help deliver the baby - she was called the midwife (Exodus 1:16). She being an original Sister having a conscience still having fear of Allah, went to Mr. Yakub and questioned him, asking him what if the child's family is happy over him whether he be light or dark, boy or girl? She also did this because she did not like the idea of murdering her Brothers and Sisters. And seeing that Yakub's followers were well disciplined and he was such a master at lies and trickery, she, the nurse was convinced when he told her to tell the young brother's parents that it was being taken to Mecca to be blessed so that it's seed to come would be blessed, thereby seemingly relieving her of her duty of murdering them. She was to, instead of sticking the Holy Black Brother in the mold of the head, to take him to the cremator, who was to cremate the child without question.
About 600 years after Mr. Yakub set up his staff and started his civilization, in the year 9,000 of our calendar, his scientists were successful in grafting a pale skin, showing no life, pink eyed germ weakness; they had thick woolly hair, thick lips, big nose looking like albinos of today. This tie can be seen through the like the devil shows for an albino, and the dislike an albino has for him, especially when the albino has knowledge of himself, other, than that they may get along as the hand in the glove.
By doing this Mr. Yakub could control how many Black babies would be born in a year or years, or even down to how many would be born per hour, day or week or month. His separation of the colors from each other is shown in Genesis 30:40. In the same book (verse 37), it shows that he had begun working with the Brown, Red and Yellow, to make the "white" (caucasian) appear that was in the rods (their sperms) through these things Mr. Yakub came up with the devil. Today, his children are still trying to make a people; they have developed all kinds of pills, THEY HAVE BREEDED US AS CATTLE AS DID YAKUB ON THE ISLAND OF PELAN TO THOSE WHO FOLLOWED HIM.
If we watch our papers, listen to radio, or those who can, watch television, we can see Yakub's children trying to further their birth control system.
In the old days when our ancestors were first brought to the Dominican Republic, the slave master wanted strong backs and weak minds. We were naturally strong so he didn't have to be particular where we came from, such as brother being forced to have sister, etc.; the baby would still be strong enough for labor, but it is easy to see how he might be lacking in mental capabilities.
Just as Yakub kept tabs on how many Black, Brown, Red and Yellow babies were being born on his island, his children has followed closely in his foot steps by trying to keep tabs on how many of we, the so-called negroes (Holy Black People members of Allah God's tribe of Shabazz) are born per hour, day, week, month, year. Yakub wanted the lighter sperms-germ, his children are after even worse than that, they want to let just so many blacks be born in order to keep the public off of them, and in the background kill thousands. They want to allow more spotty-up children to be born, this will come through the ignorance of our people who are intergration-conscious. But put a limit as to how many of them there should be. This also coincides with Yakub, their father, drawing the title of the devil, murderer from the beginning.
Other words, to even start this birth control system, to which they have come 400 years ago, but is now trying to sell to the public, they had to murder some Holy Black children. Among their religious faiths, they are arguing as to whether they should practice their father's teachings on birth control or not.
Before Mr. Yakub died, he drew up maps showing his people the way back into the Holy Land. After his scientists had come up with his people, who had went through TWELVE solutions (and if they would have been taking one more solution, they would have been running sores. We bear witness how weak and sickly they are, as it is).
They built rafts and sailed back to the Holy Land. Upon their entrance, they were stoned by the Holy Black children who had never seen the likes of such people before. So the elders, people of wisdom and knowledge, knew who these Yakub grafted people were, so they put out an edict throughout the holy land telling the Holy Black people not to stone these people for they are of Yakub's civilization. The wise Sultans, or Imans, then had a meeting with some of Yakub's people and told them that they were going to be allowed to enter into the Holy Land, or stay there, and that they would be free to go all over providing they did not start any confusion or unrest among the people, and that they could be intimate with all the families or eat of all the fruits in the Garden (Holy Land) except the fruit in the midst of the Garden (which was the Black Brother's and Sisters). For by having a Black brother or sister, Yakub's people broke the Divine Law of Almighty God Allah. For as we know, one of Yakub's main reasons of grafting them was to take out the dissatisfaction that was among or in us. And seeing that they had only been made six months, I could see no need in taking the evil out of us if we were going to allow it to be put right back in through integration.
Genesis 1:5 shows the wise Sultan telling them upon leaving them enter the Holy Land that if they touch the Holy Black brother and sister they surely would die. We know ours, the Black seed, is dominant and will kill all that it comes in contact with.
So, Brother, within six months after these Yakub grafted devils were in the Holy Land all kinds of confusion started; Brothers started warring against one another and Sisters likewise. Yakub's people would go to the Holy Black Brothers and Sisters and tell one the other was speaking evil of them, they began stealing, something that was never seen in the Holy Land. One of their major faults was, as it is today (Greed), and the want of material things.
We, being the Original people, the "Best" naturally had to be the best of Gold, Silver, Diamonds, etc., whereas these Yakub grafted people had never seen such, and being evil by nature, they could not help but yield to their lust, so they began to steal our gold and silver cups, plates and many other things that were conventional to us.
They would tell one brother that the other brother committed such crimes, thereby starting all kinds of unrest. The word got to the Sultan of the land of this unrest so he then had an investigation of these Yakub grafted devils and found that it was them causing all the trouble, he then consulted his Imans, directors of the different districts, and they decided to drive them out of the Holy Land. So at high noon (12:00 o'clock) our Holy Black Brothers mounted camels with our favorite weapon drawn, the scimitar, and as Job 30:5 tells, they drove these people from among the Holy People across the Arabian Desert at a distance of 2200 miles to dwell in the cliffs of the valleys, in caves of the earth or holes and in the rocks of Europa (Job 30:6).
Europe was void of all so they ate mallows by the bushes, and juniper roots for their food.
Whenever Allah turns his back on a people, that people goes astray, so Allah stripped these devils of all knowledge of civilization, therefore they had no sense of discretion or direction; they ate their food raw; they had no knowledge of economics, or how to build good shelter; they nearly went all the way into the animal family! They were only dressed in goat skin which was wrapped around their privates; to they had poor food, poor shelter and little clothes. They were viler than the earth, meaning the land they were in, Europe. (Job 30:8).
As for clothes, we know whether it be man or beast, Nature has its way of looking out for them, so seeing that they had so little clothes on plus they had begun going into the animal family, (Daniel 4:33) shows their body was wet with dew, meaning they were exposed to the weather, being too dumb at first to even go inside of the caves! The same verse shows that because of this exposure and mixing with the animals, their hairs grew as eagles feathers and their nails grew as bird claws.
After constantly being attacked by the wild beasts, they built small trenches in the sides of the hills and used clubs and rocks to ward off the vicious beast. The weren't successful this way, too many of their people were being killed. So then, they found the animal, only, that they could befriend, originally called the wild "Jackal", known today as the "dog".
'Moves into the Caves'
They then moved into the caves, that is the bulk of them moved into the caves, for some had already moved in. They moved into these caves for two reasons; better shelter and because they felt they had a better means of protecting themselves through the wild jackal dog, who would warn them at night when the animals were near. They would then set big boulders over the openings of these caves and when any animal would try to enter, they would drop the boulders on them and since they had very little green roots to eat, they began eating these beasts they killed, from thence they became meat eaters or cannibals. They had no knowledge of burying their dead, so after beginning to eat meat they would eat even their dead, THEY EVEN WENT SO FAR AS TO KILL EACH OTHER FOR FOOD. This is one of the reasons they look at one's size, for it has been handed down from the caves of Europe; of the larger ruling the small, or the stronger eating the small.
Brother, seeing that Allah had turned His back on these people (or was punishing them for their evils done in the Holy Land), they became degenerates, as Romans 1:24 tells us, in the 2,000 years they were in the caves. Allah gave them up to uncleanliness through the lust of their own heart (minds) to dishonor their own bodies, and have succeeded in making many of our Holy Black Brothers and Sisters take part in such, for them seeing and being as they are, cannot be freaks, but can only take part. Romans 1:25 shows us that they changed the truth of Allah into a lie.
We bear witness that they have taken the truth (Islam) and twisted it, and calls it Christianity, which is a lie!
Roman 1: 26-27 shows us of how the men turned to each other, receiving in themselves that recompense of their error, which was meat. In short, homosexuality. The women changed the natural use of their bodies. They at one time ate their little ones after giving birth to them, as Deuteronomy 28:53 tells us.
We knowing that everything that goes around comes around, and there is nothing new under the sun; there will be nothing new about the (Jezebel) repeating that performance in the near future because of want and famine.
Deut. 28:57 may make the above statement more clearer.
They did not, do not and will never retain Allah in their knowledge, such as following the NATURAL LAW, HAVING MORALS (Romans 1:26).