Thursday, December 21, 2006


A foolish woman is clamorous. She is simple and knoweth nothing
So I said I will take heed to my ways that I sin not with my tongue."
We as M.G.T. must strive to speak calmly, softly and distinctively. Your words should be carefully chosen and spoken in quiet tones (think five times before speaking).
Do not be snappy with others regardless of how you feel, as it shows weakness and lack of self control. Boisterous, loud voices are a sign of vulgarity and shows a lack of refinement. We do not laugh loud, but rather softly. Do not belittle others or laugh when they have made an error. Do not laugh when you have made an error, as it shows a lack of understanding on your part. It is also rude.
Do not become loud and boisterous when being corrected for an error you have made, rather take the correction calmly, intelligently and gracefully as this is a civilized attitude.
When making suggestions, to anyone, keep them in the form and tone of suggestions and do not make them sound like orders, as we are not to give orders, but to take them.
When in public, we keep our voices low and use proper words to express ourselves. This applies also when in the presence of brothers, speak softly to them, not loud or noisily.
Avoid anger, as it tends to make you loose control and possibly say things for which you may later be sorry. Anger brings out the worst in you. This is a negative emotion and it shows a lack of self control.
"And in their mouth was found no guile for they were without fault before the throne of God."
The art of conversation is a simple matter of good manners which are easy to describe and easier to carry out. All general conversation whether at the level of a great art or a little pleasure should be conducted within this act of civilized limits.
1. No monologues. An informative speech no matter how interesting can not be considered conversation.
2. No languages which all in the group do not understand.
3. No member of the group should be left out. The one who is speaking should always look from one to the other. No topic too difficult for any member of the group should be discussed.
4. Sometimes in a group of well informed people, there will be one who though joining happily in the conversation is obviously beyond his depths. In cases like this, steer the conversation to another subject.
5. No blanket or harsh attacks on religion, nationalist, political parties