Monday, December 25, 2006


Known Aliases: Pork, Swine, Hog, Pig, Lard, Animal fat, Animal shortening, Gelatin, Hydrolized animal protein/protein, Collagen, Enzymes, Tallow, Emulsifiers, Stabilizers (Mono and Di-glycerides), Tween, Swine pepsin, Calcium stearate, Poly-sorbates, Monostearates, Fatty acids.

'Why Allah Warned Against Eating the Flesh of Swine'
"What Allah has taught me in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad"
By Elijah Muhammad, Messenger of Allah
The prohibited flesh of the swine to be taken as a food is beyone righteous imagination. It is difficult to understand why Christians eat such divinely-prohibited flesh, while having a Bible and the law given to Moses against the swine flesh. Other prophets, down to Muhammad, preached against the eating of swine.
ALLAH TAUGHT me that this grafted animal was made for medical purposes, not for a food for the people, and that this animal destroys the beautiful appearance of its eaters. It takes away the shyness of those who eat this shyless flesh. Nature did not give the hog anything like shyness.

The Table of Filth
He is the foulest animal. He lives off nothing but filth. The only way you can get him to live and eat better food is to keep him from getting to filth. He is so poisonous (99 per cent), that you can hardly poison him with other poison. You can even give him lye, something you'd think would cut up the intestines when eaten.
Snakes can't poison them; they eat them and fatten. The bit of the snakes don't harm them, because they eat the biter. He is so poisonous and filthy, that nature had to prepare him a sewer line and you may find the opening on his forelegs. It is a little hole out of which oozes pus.
This is the filth of his body that cannot be passed fast enough.
HE IS THE greediest animal. He never knows or cares to stop eating, as long as he sees something to eat. He is the dumbest animal. He keeps his nose smelling and eyes looking for something in the earth. You could feed him all day long, and he will never look up to see his feeder.
In case of bad weather arising, he is never intelligent enough to go in before it actually starts raining or hailing on his back. He takes no warning. He will keep his head in the earth, rooting until the storm is lashing his back with rain and the lighting is blinding his eyes.
Please learn to eat one meal a day, and let it be without swine flesh and many of the ailments you are now suffering and getting medicine from the doctor, will disappear.
TO DIABETICS: Eat one meal a day, and lay off that starch and sugar that is making you sick. Write and let me know that you have tried eating once a day, shunning sugar and starches and before a week's time, your urine is negative of sugar and acid is negative.