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Nation of Gods and Earths. The Five Percent Nation or as its members call it, the Nation of Gods and Earths was founded by Clarence Jowars Smith around 1964. Around this time, Clarence Smith became Clarence 13X and rose to the rank of lieutenant in the Nation of Islam's military training unit, the Fruit of Islam. Aside from his formidable physical skills (he supposedly learned karate while overseas), Clarence 13X had a hypnotic speaking style that quickly enabled him to become the student minister of Temple Seven.

But the Nation of Islam soon entered a period of turmoil during which Malcolm X was suspended and rumors of Muhammad's extramarital dalliances began to spread. Clarence 13X's own teachings began to stray from doctrine, and he and the Nation parted ways in 1963. Less than a year later, Clarence 13X reemerged and began teaching a revised Black Muslim theology.He was student minister in the 7th Temple in New York City when he was escorted from the Nation for his preaching or gambling activities (the very reason of his escorting were never to be known). He said that he was God, renamed himself Allah and started spreading his thoughts on the streets of Harlem among the youth.

In the early years the group had around two hundred members. Clarence 13X built a close relationship with Mayor John Lindsey and in 1967 they got a house in Harlem. The "Allah School in Mecca" (Harlem was renamed as Mecca and Brooklyn as Medina, the further relocation of Allah) still serves as the Five Percent headquarters."Allah," as Clarence 13X now called himself, reinterpreted the Nation of Islam's set of Lost-Found Lessons, a catechism that resulted from Fard's purported conversations with Elijah Muhammad. These Lessons, which every Black Muslim had to memorize, asserted that 85 percent of humanity is mentally dead and ignorantly destroys itself through vice and immorality, while another 10 percent possess the truth but oppress the first 85 percent by convincing them to believe in a "mystery god" who cannot be seen in this lifetime. The remaining five percent constitute the "poor righteous teachers" who also possess the truth -- namely, that the "Living God is the Son of Man, the Supreme Being, or the Black Man of Asia."Elijah Muhammad had used this lesson to prove that Master Fard, who was his teacher, was God. But Clarence used it to prove that all men possess the potential to become gods themselves.

In 1969 the organization's life took a huge turn, when Father Allah (Clarence 13X) was killed. The crime is still remains unsolved, there are different theories on who committed the crime, whether they were members of the NOI or the homicide was related to gambling. Since then the Nation doesn’t have a leader, it has meetings, called parliaments, which usually occur in public spaces. Today there are thousands of young black men and women who are members of The Nation of Gods and Earths. There are even thousands more who are not members but whose lives have been affected in some positive way from learning the knowledge of themselves at an early age.

Why isn't the man who is responsible for awakening so many black youth known to the masses of our people? Why has this man never been honored? Perhaps it's because his full greatness won't be realized until the world beholds the greatness of the masses of black youth whose lives he touched. Let's take the time now to look back at the life of Allah: the man history has yet to remember.

Allah was born Clarence Smith on Friday, February 22, 1928 in Danville, Virginia. He was the fifth son of Louis and Mary Smith. His sister Bernice and younger brother Harry A (A Allah) were born after him to complete the family of seven; six boys and one girl. As a baby his mother nicknamed him 'Put' and this is what he was called throughout his early childhood years. Allah's early childhood experience was characterized by the Jim Crow laws of segregation in the south which meant that blacks were separated from whites in housing, schools, theaters, etc.... Allah and his brothers and sisters never minded not being with "whitey" as they referred to them as.

They enjoyed life amongst their own people and never were interested in going where they weren't welcomed. The Smith family lived at 834 Valley Street. It was a six block walk into the heart of town where the movie theaters were located at. The blacks had a choice of going to the "colored" theater or sitting in the balcony of the whites theater. Allah and his siblings carried memories of looking down at "whitey" from he balcony of the theater and remarking how silly and trivial they were. Summers were spent by the Smith children in St. Petersburg, Florida with relatives. There, they would swim in a river behind a slaughter house where cows were prepared for market. There was a landing in the middle of the river at the base of a train trestle where they would swim to in order to catch candy thrown by "whitey" from the windows of passing by trains. Allah was a very strong swimmer. His brothers would joke that Johnny Weissmuller (Tarzan) didn't have anything on him.

One day they were out swimming. Allah and one of his friends had reached the landing at the trestle when they spotted A Allah going down in the water. Allah dove back into the river, reached his brother quickly and pulled him to safety. He had saved his brother's life. His father, Louis, was a tall man, he wasn't very built, kind of lanky but he was a helluva man, strong in sense of convictions. An event that must have heavily influenced Allah's attitude towards life in general and whites in particular occurred in at their house in Danville while he was still a young boy.

On this occasion, Allah witnessed his father fight a burly whiteman in front of their house. His father ended up knocking this man over the banister of the house an they had to beat the man's son and daughter who tried to come to their father's aid. All this had taken place because the whiteman had cursed in front of Allah's mother! Perhaps more so than anything else, these were the kind of experiences that developed and made Allah, the man. He had instilled in him a "down home" sense of values, convictions, street wisdom, and awareness.

In the 1940's, Allah's mother, Mary moved to New York for employment. She rented an apartment in Harlem. In 1946, Allah came north to join his mother and older brothers. Once in New York, his nickname, 'Put' that his mother had coined for him when he was a boy was mistaken for 'Puddin' and this is what he became known as. Allah performed a number of odd jobs to keep money in his pockets. Among them was a fruit stand that he opened up in a little hole-in- the-wall in Harlem. It was also in Harlem in the 1940's that he developed a love for gambling which remained with him throughout his life. He played a lot of pool in Harlem these days and got a reputation as a pool shark.

In 1946 he met Willeen Jowers and grew to love her very much. He wanted to marry her but because she was only seventeen years old at the time and didn't have her mother's permission, she couldn't marry him. Allah and Willeen had two sons together. A-Allah and B-Allah, born in 1949 and 1951 respectively. However in order to prove to Willeen's mother that he wasn't dependent on her to marry he married another woman whom he loved very much by the name of Dora. He and Dora also had two children, Clarence and Christine.

In 1950, Allah joined the Army and went to fight in the Korean War. This experience required a new set of principles of him other than anything he had thus far encountered. In war, he learned not to befriend anyone because of the uncertainty of who was the next to be killed. However even being half a world away and at war didn't deter him from the loves of his life. He would send home money regularly to his families. Money which he had won.... gambling.

In Korea, Allah just missed being killed on many occasions. One such incident occurred while he was walking through a field flanked by men in his unit. Gunfire broke out and the men on the sides of him were picked off and killed. It was as though he had a calling that he had to fulfill back in the states. He endured the time in Korea, completed his bid, and returned to the United States with a high and prestigious award for his outstanding service record.

While he was away, his wife Dora, had become a Muslim and entered the Nation of Islam under the leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. When he returned he too accepted the teachings of Islam and he joined her at Temple No. 7 under Minister Malcolm X. It was in the Temple that he met Justice, then named Akbar, who would become his closest associate for many years to come. His years at Temple No. 7 began inauspiciously enough, his initial duty was elevator operator for the temple. However, he was to rise through the ranks quickly.

Soon he was promoted to the position of lieutenant with the responsibility of training the Fruit of Islam (FOI) in karate which he had learned while he was in Korea. The FOI is the military training of men in the Nation of Islam. He studied his lessons hard and soon became very proficient at them. The lessons developed in him a fiery wisdom. And he had a speaking style that was unique to him, a slow methodical cadence stressing syllables that normally aren't. It was hypnotic. He was again promoted, this time to the position of student minister.

Elijah Muhammad had received word of this fiery young student minister and traveled to New York to meet him, and bestow him with the name Abdullah. It was at this point that turmoil began to develop with him in the temple. Allah had been a man who always thought for himself, he was no follower. At this point in time, the teachings of the Nation of Islam was that W.D. Fard, the man who came to North America and taught Elijah Muhammad, was the Supreme Being, Allah. At the same time, however, the lessons that the Muslims studied, which were written by Elijah Muhammad and W.D. Fard, clearly stated throughout that "the original man is Allah, The Supreme Being, the Blackman." The lessons also state that "there is no mystery god" and that we should "lose no time searching for that which does not exist."

One day in 1963, Allah was addressing the student ministers class. He was speaking about one of the lessons which dealt with what makes rain, hail, snow and earthquakes? He was manifesting his self style, literal interpretation that "all the above is cause by... man." The head of the FOI, Captain Joseph, walked into the room and heard what Allah was teaching. He stopped the meeting, dismissed the men, and spoke with Allah. He told Allah that he couldn't teach what he was teaching there. It is also at this point where there is disagreement as to exactly what happened. Muslims who were in the temple with Allah say that he had marital problems or that it was his love of gambling that caused his leaving the temple. Those outside the temple point out that this couldn't be the case because these were acts that call for a hearing and at most a suspension for a period of time from the temple, not lifetime expulsion. They assert that it was something much more deeply rooted than either of these reasons. At any rate and for whatever reasons, the differences that had developed between Allah and the Muslims were irreconcilable.

It was a time of turmoil in general for the Nation of Islam. Minister Malcolm X himself was given a never ending suspension from the temple. And so Allah left the temple, he took with him Justice and other brothers who understood the reality of his teachings. He brought with him his lessons that had so much to do with him developing into a fiery orator. He left the temple and was back on the streets of Harlem. This time to teach Islam to the masses of black youth who had not been reached by Muslims. Birth of a Nation 1963, Allah left temple number 7.

He had come into a realization that would have far reaching implications. A realization that would shake New York City and be felt around the world forever. He knew from his lessons while in the temple that the Original Man (Blackman) was the Supreme Being, God. Supreme means the most high, being means to exist. God, therefore is the name given to the highest form of existence: the Blackman. This supreme form of life is the vehicle through which Allah's will is made manifest. There is no substance in the Universe or world that the Original Blackman's body does not consist of. Even the forces we see around us, above us and below us have their beginning with us. He also knew from his lessons that 85% of the people were mentally blind, deaf and dumb, while 10% of the people were devils who kept the 85% ignorant and that 5% were the righteous people who would lead the people from certain destruction. What he now realized was that this was applied to him individually. That he, as an individual, was God and therefore could not sit by idle and depend on a "mystery God" to do what he himself was blessed with the innate abilities to do.

He changed his name from Clarence 13X to Allah and went to the streets of Harlem to do God's job. God's job as he saw it would be to reach his blind, deaf and dumb people and from them raise the 5% Nation. To spread his message, Clarence13X devised peculiar systems reminiscent of the Kabbalah and other mystical traditions, which he called the Supreme Mathematics and the Supreme Alphabet. For Five Percenters, Islam is less a religion than a science that can "break down" ordinary words through linguistic gymnastics. For instance, in the Supreme Alphabet A stands for Allah, which, broken down, stands for Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head, thereby proving that the divinity of Allah is physically present in humankind.

Under Five Percenter doctrine, a member does not become fully divine until he or she has memorized every word of the Lost-Found Lessons of the divine sciences. Once this is achieved, then men take the name Allah and become Gods, and women take the name Earth -- hence the group's name.The original meaning of the five percent is coming from the N.O.I. (the 5%’ers borrow heavily from the N.O.I.’s teachings). It appeared in the “Lost found Moslem Lesson No. 2”, a forty-question catechism written by W. D. Fard. The 85% are those without the knowledge, the mentally blind, deaf and dumb who are bent on self-destruction. The 10% are the bloodsuckers of the poor, those who have knowledge and power but who use it to mystify and abuse the 85%. The 10% include the "grafted" white devil as well as the orthodox Muslims and Christian preachers who preach that god is a "spook" or a "mystery god." And the remaining 5% are the poor, righteous teachers, who are aver all of the ‘dealings’ of the 10% and their mission is to rescue the 85%.

The basis of the Five Percent Nation was that the black man was the Supreme Being also known as God. Clarence 13X also made the Supreme Alphabet and the Supreme Mathematics The percenters’ science is based on these, in which every number and letter has a further meaning, like the 7th (the “perfect number”) letter of the Supreme Alphabet, g, stands for God (Five percenters greet each other with ‘Wassup G?’ which is a commonly used statement in hip-hop, too)

.1. That black people are the original people of the planet earth.2. That black people are the fathers and mothers of civilization.3. That the science of Supreme Mathematics is the key tounderstanding man's relationship to the universe.4. Islam is a natural way of life, not a religion.5. That education should be fashioned to enable us to be selfsufficient as a people.6. That each one should teach one according to their knowledge.7. That the Blackman is god and his proper name is ALLAH. Arm,Leg, Leg, Arm, Head.8. That our children are our link to the future and theymust be nurtured, respected, loved, protected and educated.9. That the unified black family is the vital building block of the nation. Five Percenters depart from NOI in their teaching of the Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Mathematics, an arcanesystem devised by Clarence 13X wherein each letter or numeral denotes a concept with an accompanying parable."A" stands for Allah, "B" is Be or Born, "C" is See and so on. This process of teaching is referred to as "droppingscience" or "sciencing out." For example, the 14th degree (letter) of the Supreme Alphabet "N" stands for Now and Nation, and begins something like this:"Now is the time for the Black man to wake up and come into the realization of Islam, which is the true and righteous Self, which is his true Nature and his true Nation."Five Percenters refer to many geographical locales by a Middle Eastern name: Brooklyn is "Medina," for example,Manhattan, NYC is "Mecca" while Seattle, Wash., home of a regular parliament, is "Morocco."SUPREME ALPHABETS A-

ALLAH: is the supreme being original man from Asia. The sole controller and ruler of the universe. Allah is the original man who has knowledge of himself, and to know self, is to know all things in existence. Allah is Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, supreme Head. But it is not and as used in the WORD ISLAM. breakdown by 5 percenters: Allah is the one who knows and understands everything in the science of life. Allah be the supreme Asiatic Black man. He who has knowledge of self and life. Allah be an arm, leg, leg, arm, supreme head, is the original Asiatic Black man, the maker and owner of the planet earth and the one who made the Holy Koran which he applies to every mile of land one year to equal his home circumference, who is the all-eye-seeing Allah see all.

B-BORN: be means to exists. Born is to be brought into existence physically and mentally. Just as it takes 9 months to bring a child into this world (physically), it takes 9 stages (from knowledge to born) to be born mentally through Allah's Mathmatics. breakdown by 5 percenters: Be is to be myself so O ca make the knowledge born to build powers and babies to teach them the math born mentally god, planting the seed of life into the womb of the wisdom borning the strong part, the understanding. you must be born physically first then you be born (twice) mentally, and the ones who haven't been born (twice) mentally, is the 85% the poison animal eaters, slaves of the mental death and power, people who worship a mystery god. These are the ones that got to be born again.

C-SEE: is to understand clearly through the 3rd eye which is the mind. Your 2 physical eyes are but the doorways to the third eye which is the all-eye seeing. breakdown by 5 percenters: is to see something in a clear picture through the physical eye which the mental eye detects at eh same time, cause soon as you do the knowledge, your mind be drawing up an understanding so you can counteract with the wisdom to make the cipher complete. The mind is justice, righteous and truth. to see is to understand; at one time we couldn't truly see the trick thrown over our eyes, but we've been born twice and know that we are Allah the supreme eye that can see all.

D-DIVINE: one must be divine, meaning pure and refined, in order to destroy all negativity. breakdown by 5 percenters: is something that is being purified from negative things. God himself is divine because he builds upon possitive to keep it divine so it can't be destroyed. in order for you to be divine, you must destroy all negative thoughts in you brain by building on possitive thoughts, and in this day and time the only way you can be divine is by building with i-self-lord-and-master. (ISLAM)

E-EQUALITY: is to deal equal in all aspects of life. Equality is also the wisdom's (woman) limitation. Due to the fact she only has 6 ounces of brain cells. breakdown by 5 percenters: is dealing with my alike. Equality is dealing with the devil and wisdom. It deals with them both because it's their limitation which they cannot go above because they would be dealing with god-cipher-divine (G.O.D) itself.

F-FATHER: is one who is qualified to give life both physically and mentally. Physically to Fat-her with the divine seed of god which is the understanding (child). Mentally to Fat-her with the proper knowledge so that she may properly raise the understanding (child). breakdown by 5 percenters: is when one furthers one's education. Onlt to fat-her with the knowledgeof self so they won't be mentally dead or dumb, deaf, and blind to the reality of life. is to father (fat-her) the young with the knowledge of self which is righteousness and by teaching them the science of everything in life which is love, peace, and happiness.

G-GOD: is every original man(asiatic black man) on the planet earth. Every man is god by nature God is the original man who posses 7 1/2 ounces of original brain cells. is the one who knows and understands all that consists in his cipher. God reveals to others taht they are the gods and queens of the planet earth. Allah is god, god is Allah who is the son of man. is the supreme being, the original man, the one who is a winner without an opponent in everything he deals with, because god put all things here by wisdoming his power and knowledging his equality from all things he built on.

H-HE or HER: he or her has the power to build or destroy, depending in his or her level of awareness, meaning supreme intelligence breakdown by 5 percenters: be the ones who shine the light so that he could build her to the fullest equality. must refine her with the knowledge of he, which is god, in order to build and born a strong foundation to carry out civilization through the queen (her).

I-ISLAM or EYE: Is the natural way of life of the original people: meaning the natural principles of the universe. SUPREME MATHEMATICS:

THE #1 SYMBOLIZES KNOWLEDGE: which is the first aspect of life. Knowledge is infinite.

THE #2 SYMBOLIZES WISDOM: wisdom is the way knowledge is manifested. Wisdom is the bridge between knowledge & understanding. (wisdom is a woman)

THE #3 SYMBOLIZES UNDERSTANDING: understanding is to see clearly with your mental, meaning your 3rd eye which is your mind. (to have a clear picture with you mind)

THE #4 SYMBOLIZES CULTURE or FREEDOM: culture is the way of life. The way of life for five percenters is Islam. Islam is righteous if you are living righteous you have a freedome from negatory thoughts & actions. For the original man with knowledge of his true self the culture is I-God for he realized that he is God himself. (freedom is to speak the truth)

THE #5 SYMBOLIZES POWER or REFINEMENT: power is the truth of god being made known to the uncivilized who lack the knowledge of self. Power is the ability to manifest your understanding of life. Refinement is to refind your mind mentally & physically. ( refindment is to refind culture)

THE #6 SYMBOLIZES EQUALITY: equality means to deal equal

THE #7 SYMBOLIZES GOD: god, which is ALLAH the supreme being sole controller of the universe. Supreme means most high & being means existence. (God rules the universe. God can show and prove the highest form of intelligence that exist)

THE #8 SYMBOLIZES BUILD & DESTROY: Build means to build on possitive thoughts & actions. Destroy means to destroy all devilishment. To subtract to take away. (build is elevation by adding onto life possitively)

THE #9 SYMBOLIZES BORN: Born is to be brought out the darkness into light. Born is to make something known. #9 is born, as it takes 9 months, and 9 stages to manifest or make anything complete within itself.

THE #0 SYMBOLIZES CIPHER: which is a 360 degree circle of perfection. 120 degrees of knowledge, 120 degrees of wisdom, 120 degrees of understanding. (with out just one of the 120 degrees your cipher is incomplete. O ) *The expressions "Word is bond," "Break it down," "Peace," "droppin' science" and "represent" all come from Five Percenter ideology. "Word is Bond" in conventional Nation of Islam, as indicated by this reference1. Who is the Original man? Ans. The original man is the Asiatic Black man; the Maker; the Owner; the Cream of the planet Earth - Father of Civilization, God of the Universe.Lesson number one, question number 11 says: "HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED THAT YOUR WORD SHALL BE BOND REGARDLESS OF WHOM OR WHAT?" Ans. "YES. MY WORD IS BOND AND BOND IS LIFE AND I WILL GIVE MY LIFE BEFORE MY WORD SHALL". FAIL.

Lord Lameik Love Allah